When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, the roofing systems have a few more requirements than the average residence might. One of those things may include having a catwalk system implemented for safe maneuvering.

Whether you currently have one installed or need one implemented, rooftop walkways can provide a level of safety and mobility that would not be otherwise possible on that roofing system.

Catwalk System

There are a lot of benefits to a roof catwalk system. For starters, it allows uninterrupted access to the equipment sitting on the rooftop. Not only that, it offers protection to roof panels that would normally be damaged from foot traffic.

Being able to protect your roof through the implementation of rooftop walkways can pay many dividends. It can also be customized, implementing compliant handrails and toe kick support at every step of the way. There are even various widths available to match your rooftop situation perfectly.

Optimal Safety

The most important feature of rooftop walkways is the level of safety that they bring to the table. Navigating any rooftop system without a walkway can lead to potential damage to the panels and increased chances of a dangerous fall.

Call or click to find out more about how a rooftop walkway can benefit your commercial or industrial building. When all is said and done, you want to have peace of mind that your roof is safe to navigate and won’t cause damage to any of the panels.

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