There are two rooms in the house that are renovated and remodeled more than any others; the kitchen and the bathroom. A bathroom remodels in Chicago is undertaken more frequently because it is a smaller room and the cost of renovation is less. When you are setting out on the bath remodeling project, there are a few tips that may help:

1. Recesses: If you are looking for a retro look consider recessing such things as the soap dishes, toilet roll holders, and the medicine cabinet.

2. Flooring: The flooring in the bathroom is very important; it must be resistant to slipping and as warm as possible. Although wood that has not been sealed and prepared properly may not be the best choice, once it has been properly sealed and stained, they make a wonderful floor; durable, hard to slip on, and warm when compared to tiles.

3. Lighting: The bath is the one place where people tend to inspect their face, whether it is shaving for the man or applying makeup for the lady of the house. If you look in many older bathrooms you will see that the lighting is dim and concentrated on the wrong spot. Consider putting lighting around the mirror in the form of sconces.

4. Fixtures: A great bathroom remodel in Chicago will employ cream-colored or white fixtures. These colors will never go out of style and they match with any décor. Switching a toilet in a couple of years when an odd color begins to get you down is not difficult; this is not the case with the tub and shower. Stay with light colors.

5. Dimmer switch: Although mention was made about dim lighting, it can be nice to relax in a semi-darkened room. You can accomplish this with a simple dimmer switch which will bring the lighting back up with a simple turn of a dial.

6. Mirrors: Mirrors are for more than combing hair and applying makeup. If the bathroom is quite small, mirrors can be used as an effective way to give the appearance of space and they can cast more light through reflection.

7. Hangers: Hooks are the best and easiest ways to hang things, this gives you more space available as your bathrobe or towel will not be laying on the countertop. Your bathroom remodeler will have other excellent ideas based on the size and shape of the room and your budget.

If you are looking to undertake a bathroom remodeling in Chicago, you are invited to discuss your plans and thinking with the professionals at MK Construction & Builders, Inc.

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