A basement can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria when there’s a water leaking into a building. If a basement is already finished, the moisture behind drywall can cause a serious mold problem that can make occupants of the building sick or asthmatic. The only way to fix these kinds of problems is with the help of a company that is experienced with Commercial Water Problems. They can easily detect the cause of the water problem, get it fixed, and restore a basement into a dry and favorable condition.

What Causes Water Problems?

Most water problems in a basement are caused by poor drainage around the foundation of a home and shifting of the earth. In some cases, the type of dirt can hold moisture and keep the area constantly wet. After the continuous pressure has pushed on the wall of a basement small cracks can develop and further damage can happen to the floors and the walls.

Don’t Wash The Mold

Although it seems easier to just wash the mold off of the wall and put a block sealer on, this is only a temporary fix to a very serious problem. The cause must be identified and corrected, and the cracks must be properly sealed. Washing mold could lead to the spores traveling throughout a home, causing a mold problem in other locations of the building.

What Can Be Done To Fix A Wet Basement?

Commercial Water Problems can be corrected by an experienced basement repair company. If the drains are not working around the outside of a basement, they can install new drains in the floors and connect them to a sump pump. The pump will push all of the water out of the basement and away from home.

Does The Yard Have To Be Excavated To Fix A Basement?

In many cases, a yard will not have to be excavated to correct a water problem in a basement. Inside drains only require the concrete be removed a few feet from the wall and new pipe installed.

If your home or business suffers from a wet basement problem or has a foul smell from water leaking in, please visit Toledobasementrepair.com to find out how they can help. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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