In Illinois, dog attacks could occur at any time if pet owners don’t manage their animals as expected. While most dogs are friendly, they are also territorial and will protect their owners. However, some circumstances could lead to sudden and unexpected bites or attacks due to the failure of these owners. A Dog Bite Lawyer in Loves Park IL can answer frequently asked questions about these events and the claims that follow.

Was the Victim Allowed in or on the Property Legally?

The victim must have the permission of the owner to be on or in the property, or they must have the authorization to enter the premises based on their job duties. The victim must present a reason for why they were on or inside the property when presenting their claim in court. If they didn’t have permission or authorization, they were in violation of the law and were committing a crime when the attack happened.

Does the Attack Have to Happen on the Pet Owner’s Property?

No, the dog attack could happen anywhere at any time; it doesn’t have to happen on the pet owner’s property to deem the owner liable. However, it must be their dog that attacked the victim for the victim to hold the dog owner accountable. Additionally, the victim must prove that they didn’t lure the dog out of or off the property, and they cannot be guilty of animal cruelty.

Why Does a Previous Attack Matter to These Cases?

The victim must establish that the pet owner’s dog was involved in other attacks if they want to use a strict liability in their personal injury claim. Typically, the animal control officer can provide this information to the victim’s attorney for these purposes. Any history of other attacks allows for a strict liability which opens the door for tort-based claims against the dog owner.

In Illinois, dog attacks present a liability for pet owners if they were at fault for the circumstances that led to the attack. They could also face more complex rulings if they failed to vaccinate the animal, and the victim contracted rabies. Victims of these attacks who need to discuss their case with a Dog Bite Lawyer in Loves Park IL can visit right now.

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