Concrete jacking is so named because it can help to raise concrete slabs that have sunk with time. Sometimes, it is called mudjacking, and it is a method to lift concrete. Holes are drilled into the concrete slab at specific places. The holes become access points to the surface beneath. Then, a hose can be used to pump a special substance into the hole to stabilize the ground beneath it. This helps to lift the concrete slab so that it is even with the other slabs. It’s a traditional method, but there are more technologically advanced ways to handle concrete repair.

Concrete Repairs Denver offers many services, such as foam lifting/leveling, grinding, patching, and more. Whether it’s your residence, commercial property, or a property you manage, you need to ensure that the walkways and driveways are safe. If someone were to trip over uneven concrete, you could be liable. The professionals here have the right tools and methods to fix your concrete issues. If a piece has fallen off, you can have it patched and restore it. If your concrete slabs are uneven because of soil erosion and time, you can have the sunken slabs lifted.

Concrete leveling in Denver is a newer, more advanced method of raising concrete. It is similar to that of mudjacking in that it starts with drilled holes in the concrete. However, the holes are much smaller for foam lifting than with mudjacking. From there, a special foam is injected into the surface below. The texture of the foam is light, so it fills in all the voids under the concrete. Foam lifting is longer-lasting, as well. You don’t risk more soil compaction with the process, which means you’re less likely to have to repeat the procedure as often. Many companies don’t have the right equipment or experience, but more and more of them are becoming proficient with foam lifting and using it as the preferred method for concrete leveling.

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