While most people have a regular dentist that they go to for routine check ups, it might be worth considering switching over to a full service cosmetic dentist in your area, especially if you have any interest in any cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants, teeth whitening service or Invisalign in Ft. Myers FL.

Switching over to a full service cosmetic dentist, such as Aaron A. Leishman DMD, PA , can offer you and your family added convenience. Getting routine dental care is important but sometimes you may need other services such as a crown or a bridge. Often times, services like those, along with dentures, root canal therapy, dental implants and veneers cannot be completed in a general dental practice. Instead of being referred to another office that can complete the work, you can have all the work done in one office.

One very common reason many people start seeing a cosmetic dentist is for to purchase Invisalign in Ft. Myers FL. Many adults are not pleased with the state of their smile and one way to fix it is to have them straightened. Instead of getting the traditional metal braces attached to your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can get you fitted for Invisalign in Ft. Myers FL. These are a great way to get the smile you’ve always wanted with very little attention to the fact that you are getting your teeth straightened.

This method is very different from wire braces in the way that a cosmetic dentist will fit your teeth with custom made aligners made of clear plastic that you wear through out the day. The aligners will slowly shift your teeth into place and a new set of aligners will be made for you every two weeks.

It is an easy process to start with your cosmetic dentist and will start with a consultation. The dentist will evaluate your smile and most likely make a 3-d model and take impressions of your teeth to show you what can be done. They will also determine the length of your treatment as well.

Remember, it is very important to have a routine dental care provider, but you can get even more convenience by switching to a cosmetic dentist that can offer you a full range of cosmetic dental services, including Invisalign in Ft. Myers FL. Visit the website.

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