Those working on opening a daycare center will need outdoor play equipment. While “all work and no play makes Jack a dull fellow” is true for adults, it means much more in the life and development of a child. Playing helps develop social skills in children along with emotional stability, cognitive and physical properties. This is where a toy warehouse comes into the daycare center picture.


Swinging affects a child’s spatial development. Pumping the legs to make the swing go higher and holding onto the chains develops a child’s balance, coordination, and motor skills. The child’s brain finds recognition of this speed and balance.

After playtime, the child will know how to stretch his limbs. He’ll know how to reach across the table for the crayon box just like he stretched his legs to go higher on the swing. The child’s brain will be energized, and the child will be open to learning in the classroom.


Children who climb on playground equipment from a toy warehouse learn two things. The first is awareness of body parts compared to where to place them in relation to direction – up, down, left, and right. The second is cause and effect. For example, the child might wonder where to put his foot next, solving the problem by thinking ahead as to where to place the foot.


A child climbs a small ladder to get to the top of the swing. He’s using his muscles while benefiting from the endorphins produced by happy play. He learns balance in not leaning over too far and falling off the slide. He learns to hold his body still while allowing an outside force to move him, namely gravity.

This activity helps the child in the classroom. His brain is now happy and open to learning. His body has oxygenated blood getting to his muscles. He’s all set to learn more. Contact Swingset & Toy Warehouse in Flemington at to learn more.

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