When a house needs roof replacement, most homeowners replace asphalt shingles with the same material instead of choosing metal, tile or another option. They do so mainly for one reason: the lower price. Many homeowners do also like the look of shingles compared with other materials. Sometimes they can delay full replacement with shingle roof repair in St. Charles MO.

Full Replacement and Re-roofing

Full roof replacement is a very big expense. Even a new layer of shingles placed over the existing group, a process known as reroofing, is barely within the budgets of some homeowners. If shingle roof repair in St. Charles MO by a contractor is feasible, they find that option more attractive. It gives them time to save money for a full replacement or a reroof, or to look into the possibility of a home equity loan.


A roof made of asphalt shingles typically lasts 25 to 30 years, whereas a metal roof generally lasts two or three times longer. Nevertheless, asphalt shingles are very durable and available in a broad range of styles, colors and patterns. These shingles are considered low-maintenance materials. The roof should have organic debris swept off of it at least a few times a year. Leaves and other tree waste material can accumulate in the roof valleys, trapping moisture there and causing shingles to gradually deteriorate.

Installation Errors and Other Leak Sources

If the roof is only five or 10 years old and develops a leak, the problem might have been with the original installation. Errors may be fixable by a contractor such as Affordable Exteriors. Leaking in valleys tends to be a more common issue when the installation was faulty. In some instances, the leak turns out to be a problem with flashing around the chimney or even a crack in the chimney that isn’t visible from the ground.

Getting Estimates

The cost of re-roofing and full roof replacement varies a great deal depending on the region and the contractor. Even repair service can have a wide range of estimates. Homeowners are encouraged to obtain at least three quotes so they can make comparisons on the service they’ve chosen. Browse our website to schedule an appointment with one particular contractor.

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