In Michigan, premise’s liabilities exist at any time a property owner doesn’t maintain their building and an injury occurs. Customers who wish shopping centers are among the top claimants for these personal injury cases. The most frequent injuries are due to trips or falls. The following are details defining the circumstances of these accidents with a trip & fall accidents lawyer in Macomb County MI.

Assessing Uneven Flooring

Uneven flooring can lead to falls. The victim becomes unbalanced and falls due to the sudden change in the flooring. A property owner who has provided a proper duty to these customers has signs around this portion of flooring indicating probable risks. These notifications lower the risk of a fall and an injury.

Chemical Spills and Wet Flooring

The safety policy for most retail stores identify the exact steps to follow in the event that chemicals are spilled on the floor. They also have terms of these policies to address wet flooring after an employee mops the floor. The policies typically require a wet floor sign to identify hazardous conditions. In terms of chemical spills, retail employees are directed to block the area until they or another employee can remove the chemicals.

Cluttered Walkways and Trip Hazards

It is the responsibility of retail store managers to eliminate any clutter from walkways. These conditions could lead to a trip or fall that will result in an injury. The store maintenance requirements must be followed throughout business hours to mitigate risks to customers.

Damaged or Weakened Flooring

All store managers are responsible for assessing the flooring throughout the property. These requirements determine if the flooring is damaged or weakened. These assessments enable them to remedy these conditions to prevent an avoidable accident.

In Michigan, premise’s liabilities are instances in which a property owner or manager failed to provide visitors with a proper duty. This duty equates to providing the visitors with a safe location to visit and eliminate the potential for an injury. Victims who were injured due to any of the above-mentioned conditions contact a Trip & Fall Accidents Lawyer in Macomb County MI or get more information here today.

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