Every home has a floor. Depending on the homeowner’s personal preferences and lifestyle, they have the options of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpeting, or a combination of these forms of Flooring in Plymouth, MN. Each type of floor material has its place in your home. The following will discuss some of the reasons people choose specific types of flooring for their homes.


Carpeting is usually installed as wall-to-wall carpet and provides a warm, soft, and cozy surface for your feet. People with small children, senior citizens, and people who like the options carpeting provides will choose carpet for their home. People with toddlers and small children are always concerned about their little one getting hurt. Carpet softens the blow for falls. The same concept is true for senior citizens with mobility issues.


Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring solutions that is most often used in damp/moist areas of the home. The kitchen, bathroom, and the mudroom or utility room are common areas for vinyl. It is also a versatile form of flooring that can be put all over the house if you have pets and need a highly durable option that is low maintenance. Vinyl floors can look like real wood, natural stone, or have pretty designs that suit your tastes.

Choosing Flooring Services in Plymouth, MN is about considering these different types of flooring as well as your budget and personal style. A quality flooring supplier will help you decide the best options for your home and follow up with free estimates and installation. Affordable Floor Installation has The Floor Guys to help you from start to finish. Visit the website to learn more about their products and services.


Hardwood adds a rustic, yet elegant beauty to any room where it is installed. Hardwood flooring is chosen mostly due to its charm and beauty. However, hardwood is also a functional option and suitable for almost every room in the house. Engineered and solid hardwood flooring are the options in this kind of flooring.


Laminate flooring is often used in place of hardwood and is suitable for almost every room in a house. It is durable, functional, and versatile. The biggest reason homeowners choose laminated flooring is that it provides them with an affordable solution over ceramic tiles or wood. Laminate floors often look just like real wood or real stone.

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