Homeowners everywhere are constantly searching for ways to reduce their energy consumption and, at the same time, stay comfortable during even the hottest summer days. Adding insulation always helps, but contractors and building design professionals also suggest considering a Radiant Barrier Installation in Lawton OK.

What Is a Radiant Barrier?

In the majority of cases, radiant barriers are installed to reduce the flow of heat from one area to another, with attics often suggested as possible sites for a Radiant Barrier Installation in Lawton OK. Rather than absorbing radiant heat as most materials do, radiant barriers reflect it. That’s a great way to help better control temperatures in areas, like attics, that tend to directly impact the comfort levels of rooms below.

Most experts agree that radiant heat barriers are most effective when used in regions that experience a significant amount of hot weather, and the Lawton area certainly sees its share of hot weather. Studies also suggest the greatest benefits of radiant barriers are felt when there is a major temperature difference from one side of the barrier to the other. Again, attic spaces are certainly areas that get very hot on sunny days during the summer months. The radiant barriers deflect a significant amount of that heat, reducing the need for air conditioning in the occupied spaces of a structure.

Explore the Various Radiant Barrier Materials

Radiant barriers are designed to reflect heat. That means they must be constructed using materials like aluminum foil and similar products that are highly reflective. The reflective material is affixed to materials like OSB, some types of cardboard, or any product that minimizes air infiltration. It’s always a good idea to discuss the available options with a local contractor to select the best ones for a specific project.

Is Installing a Radiant Barrier Worth the Investment?

As a rule, yes. While the installation of radiant barriers does require an investment, that relatively minor cost is quickly recovered in the form of lower utility bills. Industry studies suggest property owners can expect to reduce their air conditioning costs by somewhere between five and ten percent. That may not sound like a lot, but remember those savings go on for years with no further investment required.

For more information, contact Superior Thermal Solutions. The insulation experts will gladly explain the benefits of radiant barriers and how they can reduce your energy costs.

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