There are plenty of reasons people might be looking into a household goods storage service in Estero FL, but facilitating a move is often a function of storage services that goes unrecognized. That’s a mistake, given how helpful it can be to work with a moving company that also offers storage. Read on to find out about a few of the most common reasons that residents might want to rent storage during their moves.

Temporary Housing

Planning a move to a new town can be a challenge, what with work schedules, school schedules, and the logistics of selling an old home and buying a new one to consider. This often leaves families staying in short-term rentals or hotel rooms. Having all of those non-essential items stored makes it much easier to deal with this kind of transitional housing situation.

Gaps in Arrival Times

Those who hire moving companies to transport their belongings but choose to move their vehicles themselves may find that it’s more enjoyable to take their time along the way. Unfortunately, their moving companies don’t have the same luxury of stopping to appreciate the scenery. That means arrangements will have to be made to accommodate all of the family’s things as they make their way to the new home.

Simultaneous Moving and Downsizing

Individuals and families choose to downsize their homes for a wide variety of reasons. Whether planning to retire into a smaller house or just wanting to simplify their lives a bit, they’ll need to make arrangements for the extra items that won’t fit in a new home. While selling the extra belongings offers a good solution in the long-term, it doesn’t address what will happen to any items that haven’t been sold yet come moving day. A storage rental does.

Learn More Today

Whether readers are looking for a household goods storage service in Estero FL to facilitate a long-distance move or they’re only moving across town but will be using temporary housing, it’s best to use the same company for both moving and storage. Contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. to learn more about their storage services or get a quote for an entire move today.

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