Are you ready to replace your old car? Maybe it has too many miles, or it is in the shop a great deal of the time these days? When you shop used cars in Bozeman Montana, you can find some very nice cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. However, you might want to check out some crossover vehicles too. Here are some reasons to consider this option.

What Does Crossover Mean?

Many crossover vehicles and SUVs are similar in appearance. They both have more seating capacity than most late-model used cars in Bozeman Montana. However, the main difference between a sports utility vehicle and a crossover is the construction.

An SUV is built upon a pickup truck chassis. Compact SUVs are manufactured using small pickup truck frames. Crossover vehicles are placed on car frames. They are a little lighter than SUVs, and you enjoy many of the handling features you find in cars.

Crossover Benefits

Because crossover vehicles are made like cars, you get better fuel economy. However, you enjoy more room and interior comfort than standard used cars in Bozeman Montana. In fact, a crossover can seat as many people as its SUV counterpart but with better gas mileage. If you want exceptional fuel economy, consider a hybrid crossover. It runs on both gasoline and electric power.

Auto Insurance

When you insure a crossover, you get lower insurance premiums (on average) than full-size SUVs. A crossover vehicle cost less to repair after an accident. Insurance companies take factors like these into consideration.


Would you like a family vehicle but still want something sporty and good-looking? If so, you may want to go to your local used auto dealership and look at some of their crossover selections. Some dealers offer online specials and can help you with the financing.

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