Electrical services cover a huge array of issues including the common shorted circuit, troubleshooting failing systems and installing new additions to your electrical wiring. These services and repairs can fall into the residential category or the commercial one with each having specific requirements. For example, some commercial environments may require the installation or service of data lines, video wiring or PBX systems as well as traditional electrical service. Household use on the other hand could be a simple as a few normal circuits to support electric distribution to the lights and power sockets and one or two higher voltage lines for heavy appliances such as water heaters or air conditioners.

One of the most important functions performed by Electricians Greenville, SC is the art of troubleshooting and repair. For example, you may have a failing power outlet in your home with no obvious explanation for why the circuit operates intermittently. The problem could be caused by a loose wire at the socket or a burned wire from overloading the line. Or, it could be a larger issue further down the power line such as a failed connection at a junction or a switch shorting out. Any of these problems can be difficult to diagnose, but without the correct tools and the right knowledge the average homeowner may never figure out what the problem is.

One of the more difficult challenges for Electricians Greenville, SC is the installation of new services in an existing environment. Wiring can often seem haphazardly installed as it snakes through the home or business and tracing lines can often be tedious. To avoid these situations some electricians may simply install additional wiring and route around the old. All this wire can sometimes make the installation of new circuits difficult because the electrician will need to work around the confusion.

To install a new circuit an electrical contractor such as Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling will need to allocate a spot on the circuit breaker panel, install a specific type of breaker depending on the load and string the necessary wiring to the room(s). Once the circuit is in place they will install any necessary receptacles or rewire switches as required. After installation the electrician will also need to test the circuit for proper function.

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