You need auto insurance coverage in Illinois to drive your vehicle legally, or you may get fined. The premiums you pay each month help cover you in case of accidents with other drivers. You need to at least buy the minimum coverage, but you could add more depending on needs.

Minimum Coverage in Illinois

The minimum car insurance in Illinois requires that you have at least $25,000 in liability to cover the other driver. This auto insurance coverage in Illinois includes $20,000 minimum for property damage, $25,000 for bodily injury of one person, and $50,000 per accident for multiple injured people.

Bodily injury covers the injured party’s medical bills, vehicle repairs, and lost income. Property damage covers you if you damage something on another person’s premises, such as fencing. Drivers in Illinois also need to buy uninsured motorist protection, which pays out in situations where the driver had no insurance or not enough coverage.

Optional Coverages

Liability insurance does not cover the cost of fixing your vehicle, and in some cases, bodily injury can exceed coverage limits. Some insurance companies offer additional insured o personal umbrella policies, which allows you to add coverage beyond the limits.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage in Illinois pays for non-driving damage, such as theft, hail damage, and fires. Collision insurance covers your vehicle in an accident regardless of fault.

To decide if you need a comprehensive or collision, consider the age of the vehicle. Vehicles over 10-15 years old will likely cost more than the vehicle value to repair. Another way to figure when to drop collision or comprehensive is when the vehicle value equals 10% of premiums.

Driving without auto insurance coverage in Illinois can cost $500-$1000 in fines for the first offense. Visit the Accurate Auto Insurance website or contact them to find the insurance you need and get free quotes.

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