Injection molding is one of the most cost-effective options in the development of large volume production runs of parts and components of all sizes. With the use of thermoplastics in everything from medical devices to parts used in household items, electronics, automobiles and even in specialized types of applications such as telecommunications and computers, it is no wonder this a production industry that is in a period of rapid growth.

The use of injection molding services that are outsourced and not completed in-house is one of the more significant changes in how Original Equipment Manufacturers have been doing business over the last two decades. By using specialized injection molding companies, the OEMs can obtain a superior quality and precision molded part that is actually lower cost than producing the same part in-house.

The Challenge

The challenge for OEMs is to search through the various companies offering injection molding services and to choose a company that is experienced, knowledgeable and offers competitive pricing for quality work.

With all the new startup plastic injection companies on the market, this is not as easy as it may first appear. By taking the time and reviewing information as well as learning about the experience of the company, it is possible to easily weed out the inexperienced companies.

The Cost Trap

One very common mistake made by OEMs, particularly new companies, is to choose an injection molding services based on price without understanding the experience, expertise and production capacity.

By choosing a company based on the price, you are more likely to choose a company with older equipment or a business with limited experience. While they may provide a suitable product, they are unlikely to be able to provide flexibility in production or to meet exacting standards, something that can be devastating to the OEM later in the marketing process.

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