In many applications, a nitrogen spray gun is a necessary piece of equipment. Unfortunately, with the highly corrosive nature of the work, many of these guns have a very short life cycle.

There are some essential things to look for in nitrogen drying guns that will provide a product with longer life cycles. At the same time, it will also be important to choose a design that is lightweight, easy to maneuver and works effectively in any application, including cleanrooms or in semiconductor fabrication facilities.

If the current nitrogen spray gun in use in the cleanroom or other application hasn’t lasted as long as expected, make sure the following factors are considered when selecting a replacement.

Spray Volume and Consistency

Not all of the drying guns on the market are designed to provide an even, consistent spray pattern and easily controlled volume. Whether used for drying or cleaning, it is more time effective to have the precision control needed to get the job done right the first time.

Different configurations of the gun itself can be ideal for specialized types of applications. When the handle and the gun configuration is correct for the drying task at hand, it also helps to speed up the process and increase productivity.

Material Used

With the high level of corrosion in these types of working environments, choosing a nitrogen spray gun made of PFTE or polytetrafluoroethylene material. This dramatically reduces corrosion, and as a non-reactive material, it is much longer lasting than alternative products.

Durability and Reputation

Always take the time to consider the reputation of the manufacturer for durability and life cycle of their products. While a drying gun may not be the most expensive item in the process, it is one that needs to work correctly.

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