After a car accident, it is important the rights of the injured person are protected. Accidents due to someone else’s negligence are usually resolved with better outcomes when an experienced personal injury attorney is available to counsel the victim and guard their interests. When a person has been involved in a car accident, negotiating with an insurance company can be frustrating and may result in a settlement that is not in the injured person’s best favor. Personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled in the application of civil law. They can help a client receive a just and favorable settlement.

After an accident or injury, it is commonplace to find an insurance company, or big corporation, will not be willing to work with someone who wants to negotiate and settle an injury claim. It is important the injured should not make any statements or try to settle with an insurance company. Many factors will need reviewing. Some of these include the type of injuries, current and future medical treatment and bills, and loss of earnings. For the best settlement of their claim, it is prudent to contact a Car Accident Attorney in Naples FL.

Insurance companies profit from not fairly reimbursing accident and injury victims in a just manner. They are not inclined to serve the injured claimant’s best interests. If the attorney is unable to obtain a fair settlement for the person hurt, they can file a legal claim for the injured party so that a judge or jury can resolve the grievance. A Car Accident Attorney in Naples FL will obtain the best settlement with the smallest amount of frustration and stress to the client.

The length of time required to settle a case depends on each situation and different factors. Some cases settle in a short time and some can take much longer. The outcome depends on variables such as the extent of injuries, whether a lawsuit must be filed, which insurance companies are involved, whether the case can be settled out of court, and many other factors. Call the experienced attorneys at Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A. as soon as possible for a consultation and discussion of the accident and a determination of what they can do to help.

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