When you hear good news from your friend or colleague or relative about their expecting a baby, then best way to express your happiness, affection and love towards parents-to-be is to wish them best of luck and present baby shower gifts.

There is tradition to celebrate pregnancy news and congratulate parents-to-be in a small function. Baby shower gifts, which mostly comprise of useful items for the expected child, are presented to the couple at the baby shower celebrations.

You can choose most useful baby shower gift from wide range of products available in the market. If you are interested in presenting simple item you can choose from various types of baby clothes. There is no dearth of special baby shower gifts items if you are so happy with the news. You can pick up special toys, activity toys, baby sheets or baby bags, bath kits, bouncers or portable monitor as baby shower gifts.

Baby shower gifts can be personalised to reflect your high affection. Personalised gifts could be in the form of dinner party for parents-to-be and close relatives and friends, or providing help to the pregnant mother in managing home.

Baby shower celebrations are organised with selection of a central theme. Selecting baby shower gifts matching with central theme could be wonderful idea. The hosts can decorate baby’s room with these gifts.

You can even ask the mom-to-be whether she needs anything special which can be given as baby shower gift. This way you can fulfil her specific needs and also avoid duplication of gifts if she already has them at home.

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