If you began using the online dating service with an intention to meet a woman, and now you have reached the stage, when it is time to meet your match for the first time. This is also the time when you will feel butterflies in your stomach. Single males dating online, usually date with an intention of befriending a woman of their choice and then meet her. Meeting a woman for the first time can be full of doubts and apprehensions. The best strategy is to meet in an environment, in which you are comfortable.  Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind, to make your first meeting with the lady successful.

For singles dating online, meeting their online match for the first time is a big step. This may lead to a new relationship. However, be patient. Give enough time for things to take their natural course. Be yourself, while you meet the woman and leave the rest to destiny. Here are some dos and don’ts.


  1. Meet at an agreed place.
  2. Meet like friends.
  3. Let her pick the place for your first meeting.
  4. If she asks for suggestions regarding the meeting place then help her out.
    Dress casually for your first meeting.
  5. Compliment her when she meets you for the first time.
  6. You can also ask your date for suggestions, as this promotes a friendly, comfortable environment to explore the possibilities for romance.
  7. Focus on her, when you go for the meeting.
  8. Relax and be yourself when you meet your match.
  9. Try to have a fun filled and good time with her.
  10. Converse with her on topics that she finds interesting.
  11. Always wear a smile on your face, as this will make you look more cheerful and easy going.


  1. Do not meet with any preset idea or expectations, like thinking that she is ‘the one’.
  2. Do not talk of things that may put her off.
  3. Do not try to show off.
  4. Do not say anything that may make her feel uncomfortable.
  5. Do not flatter, you may sound like a liar.
  6. Don’t force her to give her number to you, if she is not yet comfortable.

If your first meeting with the woman turns out to be successful, then remember to send her a short e-mail saying that you enjoyed meeting her in person.  It is a sweet way to let her know that you are interested. It is also the best way to take the relationship forward.

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