foreclosure in NorthamptonSo the worst has happened and you’re facing foreclosure in Northampton, MA? Don’t give up. Get legal advice and prepare for the fight of your financial life.

Filing is Not the First Step

There are plenty of remedies for foreclosure in Northampton before your mortgage company starts talking about court. This is the ideal time to bring in the help of a legal professional experienced in real estate and mortgage issues. Chances are likely you can find an affordable solution to your problems without your mortgage company ever filing.

You can’t trust the mediation branch will honor the fact you’re working out an agreement, however. At any point in the process, the legal branch at your mortgage company can file. There’s nothing more devastating than thinking you’re about to come to an agreement than to get word your case has been sent on to the courts for foreclosure. Not only does this rob you of a significant amount of confidence, but it also adds several thousand dollars to your total balance.

Once the paperwork is filed, however, you must work quickly. Mortgage companies do foreclosure in Northamptonnot have to wait until your established court date to get a victory. At any time after getting their initial paperwork filed, the bank can file for a summary judgment, meaning you could lose your home before ever going to trial. Without evidence you’ve fulfilled the terms of your loan – a situation that doesn’t apply to most people in this situation – a judge may decide to save everyone time by foreclosing early.

Remedies to Foreclosure in Northampton

You have options for fighting foreclosure in Northampton that may not be obvious to a layman. Bankruptcy can be a useful tool in staving off the banks or in getting the breathing room you need in your budget to make good on your loan. Bankruptcy may help you clear liens on your home that are interfering with affordable refinancing options or preventing a sale.

In addition, Chapter 13 filings can help you write off second mortgages that are causing problems for your home, while allowing you to keep all your property. Navigating these methods for fighting foreclosure in Northampton, however, takes a sophisticated touch. It isn’t something you should attempt on a DIY basis as the risks to your assets and your financial future are too great. Instead, seek the counsel of experienced bankruptcy and real estate lawyers to help save your home and your bank account.

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