Being injured at work can be a devastating experience. Injuries lead to high medical bills and lost wages, which can have a serious and detrimental impact on a person’s ability to provide for themselves and their families. Fortunately, workers’ compensation is designed to protect people injured at work. Unfortunately, this process is confusing and often leads to denials of legitimate claims. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Washington, PA provide services to help injured workers get the assistance they need.

Applying for Compensation

The first step in starting a workers’ compensation claim is to notify the employer as soon as possible. It is also vitally important to seek medical attention for the injury immediately. Delays in doing either of these things can put benefits at risk. The next step to the process is to file a claim with the state. The employer should file the first report of injury to begin the process. The steps in the process can often be quite confusing, which is why hiring an attorney can be beneficial in order to ensure the process is complete.

Denial of Benefits

The insurance carrier is required to decide on the claim within 21 days of the filing. For many, a notice will be received of any denial. However, after 21 days, if there has been no notification, it often means the claim was denied and steps should be taken to appeal the decision. There are very specific deadlines that must be followed in the process to ensure positive results. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Washington, PA can help employees file an appeal within the appropriate time frame.

Appealing the Decision

Far too often, insurance carriers will deny legitimate claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Often, these denials are based on missed deadlines, lack of information, or other minor issues with the original application process. It is important for injured workers to appeal these decisions quickly to hold on to their rights. An attorney can assist employees on the methods for appealing and help with the case.

There are protections for employees to ensure they are cared for if they are injured at work. Unfortunately, these protections can be complicated and filled with roadblocks that make it difficult to receive proper benefits. Browse our website for more information or to find out about a free case review.

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