While most auto body shops focus on collision repair after a car has been in accident, some shops can also make mechanical repairs. A shop that repairs body damage and has an auto repair center in Winchester, VA can be reassuring after an accident. Instead of needing to take your car to two places, you can take it to just one to have everything fixed.

Get Assistance after Accident

If you cannot drive your car after it has been in an accident but it seems repairable, some body shops offer roadside assistance and will tow your car to their shop. CARSTAR Patriot Collision Center will then examine the car and give you an estimate explaining the repairs that it needs and the costs. Once they receive the okay from you, they will order parts and start on repairs.

Order OEM Parts

An auto repair center will usually give you a choice about the type of parts to order for your vehicle. Even though they cost more, you should use OEM parts because they will fit more precisely than cheaper aftermarket parts. Along with mechanical parts, you can also get OEM parts to replace quarter panels, fenders, or the head and tail lights of your vehicle.

Replacement Glass

The auto body shop close to Winchester can also replace the windshield and the windows in the car if they have shattered during an accident or a strong storm. They can pick up your car, since driving without a windshield is not legal, and replace the glass in the car body repair shop.

No matter what type of repairs your car needs after an accident, storm, or vandalism, if it happens in an area nearby Winchester, the auto repair center and body shop can make sure that your car is safe and make it look as good as new again.

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