When an individual’s looking to provide adequate sleeping space with a minimal amount of room, Loft Beds in Green Bay WI can offer the solution to the problem. Loft beds provide needed space for a desk, dresser, or just a general storage area a room may need. A room that needs to sleep two children can use a loft bed that is a much better solution than bunk beds. There are so many designs on the market today, it will be simple to find one that will work perfectly for a child.

How Much Weight Can A Loft Bed Hold?

A parent never has to worry about their child and other friends being too heavy for a loft bed. The maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds. The various loft bed designs can grow as the child goes into the teenage years.

Drawer Space

With the variety of designs available, drawers can fill the entire space under the loft bed or a few drawers can be part of the design and used for clothes or storage. Drawers can also be at the end of the unit, and the sizes vary. Drawers can also be located under the steps as a child enters the bed area.


Loft Beds in Green Bay WI are very safe to use. Safety rails are available for the ladder if an individual wants them, and the rails around the bed will keep an individual safe from falling out.

Other Features

A loft bed can have a side table to set something on while a child’s in bed, and a matching nightstand or chest of drawers is also available. When a child needs a place to study, a beautiful desk can be incorporated under the bed. This gives a child a quiet and personalized place to do their school work.

Choosing a quality bed for your child is important. Purchasing baby cribs, kid’s furniture, bunk beds, loft beds, gliders, bedding, and other accessories will help a child to enjoy their room. The right type of furniture gives the parents the peace of mind they want when their child is in their room. For more information on quality beds, please feel free to Browse us.

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