Depending on a nursing home for the care of a loved one is the reality for many families in Cook and McHenry counties, and while the majority of the facilities in the area are caring and trustworthy, there have been situations of possible neglect and mistreatment.

When you are concerned about the care that your family member is receiving, there are a few red flags that may indicate a potential problem. Antioch nursing home neglect attorneys are well versed in the signs and symptoms of mistreatment and can offer guidance in situations where you are concerned about the well-being of someone in a nursing home.

Inadequate Nutrition

Nursing homes are required to provide adequate nutrition to their patients, and if your loved one appears weak or is experiencing other physical issues that can be related to poor nutrition, it is time to take action. Many older people have difficulty eating enough, and when this is the case, the home should make you aware of the situation immediately and bring in the appropriate medical care. Antioch nursing home neglect attorneys understand the importance of your loved one receiving adequate and thoughtful care and can help you address the situation.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is another potential red flag that Antioch nursing home neglect attorneys can address. If your family member is unable to care for themselves, the staff at the facility needs to step in and provide the necessary assistance. Antioch nursing home neglect attorneys can help you to determine if there is an ongoing problem that needs to be investigated.

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