If you own a business and attend a number of tradeshows or events, you understand the importance of freebies. For one, people like free stuff, and are attracted to booths that give items away. For two, people use free stuff. Think about it: you may have dozens of coffee mugs and pens, but when you’re given one more, what do you do with it? You use it, and every time you use it, you likely think of the company that gave it to you. That said, while you could be another company that gives away pens, cozies and water bottles, why not switch it up a bit? The promotional umbrella is the perfect way to do so.

Umbrellas are large and therefore provide plenty of space to print your brand name, logo and even a catch phrase. If you want to make sure that your information is seen by people who use your promotional items, there is no better way to guarantee this than with an umbrella (except, of course, a blimp or skywriting). If you live in a place where rain is a constant presence, umbrellas can result in many more marketing impressions that a pen or card holder hidden in the bottom of one’s bag.

In addition to being effective, umbrellas are just plain fun. Promotional umbrellas can come in a number of colors, including red, green, navy, royal blue, black, white, yellow and multi-colored. You can design your promotional umbrella to look like a flower, or don it with the local sport team’s colors. You can make the umbrellas suitable for adults or gear them more towards children. With custom umbrellas, the opportunities for creativity are endless.

Promotional items are important for any business that participates in any type of events, including tradeshow events, community sponsorship events and fundraising events. If you want to make a positive impression on your potential customers, switch things up a bit and invest in promotional umbrellas today at Raintec Umbrella.

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