A rather harrowing and frightening experience in the life of a person occurs when an arrest has been made and the person is facing booking. Things seem to happen so quickly during that time, but one of the things the arrested person will want to think about it is getting out a jail until the trial. An agency that offers 24/7 bail assistance in Mount Vernon, WA understands how scary the situation can be and is available to help that individual get through it. Here are some things to keep in mind about the bail bonding process.

Understanding the Bail Process

One thing that people must understand is that a bail bond can be applied for after being arrested and taken to the jailhouse. After being taken to the jail, a court will decide the amount of bail that will be needed to be released. If the amount needed is more than the arrested person has or can come up with, the option to contact a bail bonding agency is there, which is what many people end up doing.

More About the Bail Process

The arrested person gets one phone call after being booked, and during this time, the person will either call a family member to contact the bail bonding agency or the arrested person will contact the bail bonding agency directly. The bail bonding agency will charge a fee for arranging the bail and usually ask for some type of collateral before paying the bail. If the defendant shows up at all court proceedings as directed, there will be no issues and the bail will be released whether or not the defendant is found guilty.

Calling a Bail Bonding Agency in Washington

There are likely hundreds of bail bonding agencies throughout the state of Washington for those people who need their services. Angie’s Bail Bonds is a bail bonding agency in the Mount Vernon area that arranges bail for clients any hour of the day or night. Anyone in need of 24/7 bail assistance in Mount Vernon, WA can contact this agency. For more information, interested parties can contact us.

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