From a legal perspective, there are four types of liability for defective products. A Defective Product Lawyer in Norwich CT can help clients get the information they need to protect their legal rights and make informed decisions. Below are some insights on defective product liability cases.

Manufacturing Defects

Occasionally, product manufacturers make mistakes during the production process. These errors can lead to severe implications for purchasers. For instance, faulty factory-installed brakes can cause an auto accident.

Design Defects

Product designers are given the responsibility to develop safe and usable merchandise. However, design flaws may pose a dangerous risk to consumers. A good example would be a child’s toy with small, easily removed parts that pose a choking hazard. A lawyer with a local product liability firm can provide the guidance necessary to file a successful defective product claim.

Improper Warnings or Insufficient Instructions

A company that releases products with hidden dangers should include adequate warnings and instructions for consumers. For example, certain craft glues require sufficient ventilation during use; otherwise, the crafter can become ill. If the glue manufacturer fails to include warnings to this end, a client can bring a defective product claim.

Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medications can fall into one or more of the above-listed categories. Examples can include manufacturer defects, such as allergens included during production; design defects such as dangerous side effects, and poor instructions such as a lack of written warnings and contraindications for use. Attorney Stephen M. Reck can work with clients to take on pharmaceutical companies and gain fair compensation for their injuries.

Claiming Non-Economic Damages

Along with lost wages and medical bills, clients can claim damages for emotional distress and punitive damages, depending on the state’s laws. A personal injury lawyer can assess the case, calculate damages and help the client determine an acceptable settlement amount.

Product liability claims can be very complex, and clients should not try to handle them alone. For more information on how a Defective Product Lawyer in Norwich CT can help a victim increase his or her chances of success, Browse the website or call the legal office today.

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