criminal lawyer

criminal lawyer

It is no secret that the legal language and overall process can become extremely confusing. Even lawyers who spend three years in law school will admit that they do not know everything there is to know about the legal system. Regardless of how much research you choose to do online, there is no comparison to the guidance and advice you receive from a criminal lawyer in Olathe KS versus random facts you find through search engines.

It is vital that you hire a lawyer to assist you as soon as you discover that you are being charged or suspected of a crime. Possibly the most important piece of advice that you can take from this article is that every person is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, it is never too late to hire a lawyer. However, the sooner that you hire a lawyer to assist you, the better chance you have of proving your case. A criminal lawyer in Olathe KS will sit down with you and discuss everything from the pretrial, to how to handle the jury, to the plea options that you have available if proven guilty. The more information you receive from your lawyer, the more options you have, and in the end the better chance of remaining innocent. Therefore, the price of a lawyer is a very small price to pay if it keeps you from serving time in jail or paying a large sum of money to the state.

Not only will a criminal lawyer in Olathe KS talk to you about the options that you have available and provide you with information regarding the overall legal process, he or she will also talk to the prosecuting attorney on your behalf. At times, the defense and prosecuting attorney can work out a “deal” which allows the case to be dropped before being seen before a judge. Every case is certainly unique, and as a result you will need to discuss your case specifically with your attorney to ensure that you know every option available to you.

Most important, an attorney will inform you of your rights. As previously stated, the legal system can become very confusing, not to mention even intimidating at times. An attorney can help you understand exactly what rights you have as an innocent citizen being suspected of a crime.

If you are being suspected of a crime, it is vital that you visit a criminal lawyer from Gilby & Haynes Law Firm, LLP will help you out with your problems.

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