One wrong move, a moment of erroneous judgment, can have a serious outcome that lands a person in jail. Bail may be set quite high for a violent offense that harmed another person. Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma City help defendants regain their freedom so they can immediately begin changing the course of their life and making amends.

An Example

Consider someone who gets into a drunken altercation in a bar with another customer. A swing of the fist can lead to a charge of assault. The bail for this type of crime might be set as high as $30,000. This person and the family may have no way to come up with this kind of cash to pay bail. It will be tough enough to gather the $2,400 to $3,000 that will be the likely service fee for a surety bond at this monetary level.

However, Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma City typically help customers with payment arrangements, so they don’t have to pay the entire amount at once. The required deposit might be $1,000, for example. Now the prospect of getting out of jail has reached the realms of affordability. A family member may be able to pay that immediately with a credit card.

The Pretrial Wait Period

The amount of time a defendant would otherwise wait in jail before trial varies, depending on the jurisdiction and how busy its court system is. Some jurisdictions hold defendants an average of 30 days and others an average of 60 before trial. In some cities, men and women wait even longer. Accepting a plea bargain instead of the constitutional right to a trial becomes more tempting with every passing day.

Defendants may accept a plea bargain they are not entirely comfortable with because they feel they simply cannot stay in jail any longer. They see their entire lives being ruined while sitting behind bars when they have not yet even been convicted. In states that have licensed agencies like A Absolute Bail Bonds, the defendants have an alternative to paying cash bail. To learn more about this particular organization, a person may visit the Facebook page.

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