The New Haven craftsmen who make elegant cemetery monuments use methods that have been handed down for centuries. Artisans also incorporate modern technology and use sand blasting in New Haven monument creation. Although projects are usually referred to simply as sandblasting, they consist of four steps. Artists create images of the proposed work. A template of the design is created and applied to the stone. The design is sandblasted onto stone and craftsmen finish details manually.

Artists Render Images of Designs

Before experts can use sand blasting in New Haven monument creation, artists make images of the designs customers want. Whether clients order tall, elegant sculptures or tiny foot markers, each gravestone will have at least a name and dates on its surface. Some include images of the deceased, emblems, and artwork. The work needs to be very precise. If craftsmen have questions about designs, they will get more information from clients. Artists cannot begin the design process until they can envision the final product, so they create renderings using CAD software. Once clients approve a design, it is passed on to template makers.

Templates Are Created and Applied

Experts who make templates begin with the artist’s image. Using a specialized printer, they create a stencil. Because a printer weakens stencil material, an artisan carefully picks out the details so they are sharp. Craftsmen also ensure every detail has been reproduced according to clients’ instructions. It is very important to the rest of the process that a stencil is perfect. Completed stencils are passed on to experts who apply them directly to stone monuments.

Monuments Are Sandblasted and Hand Finished

Once a stencil has been applied to stone, the monument is placed in a sandblasting booth. An operator outside of the booth uses extreme heat and sand to shape every detail. These craftsmen can use the process to create shading, contrast, any type of lettering imaginable, and artwork. To ensure the level of detail that is required for high-quality monuments, artisans use several hand tools to finish work.

The sandblasting process used to create most cemetery markers is a multi-step process. It begins with an artist’s rendering that is turned into a template. The template is attached to the stone monument. A craftsman uses mechanical and manual processes to produce a highly detailed, beautiful memorial.

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