It is shocking to learn a loved one is in jail. Moreover, the average person knows nothing about the bail bond process. Most jail detainees have a pre-set bond. The bonds for several crimes are set by the judges in the jurisdiction. However, persons with a serious felony charge may have to file for a bond hearing. A jail official will explain how to get started with bail bonds service in Norwalk CT.

How To Get Started

It is important to be able to trust the bonding company. They should be licensed and known in the jurisdiction. Indeed, a bonds-person that knows the ropes in the area is invaluable. They will be able to get the accused out faster. Meanwhile, it is wise to hire an attorney if a bond motion needs to be filed. An attorney can file the motion and get a hearing quickly.

Different Types Of Bail

Some judges may let defendants out on their recognizance. This is called an O.R. bond. Inmates get out by signing a document promising to show up in court. Judges are more likely to give an O.R. bond if the accused has family in the area. Likewise, it helps to have a clean criminal background. Bail can be posted by paying the full amount of the bail. On the other hand, individuals can pay bail bonds service in Norwalk CT to stand for the bond. Further, There are those who choose to secure the bond with the property.

The Sheriff of the jurisdiction must approve any property used for a bond. The property must have enough equity to cover the bail amount. Nonetheless, loved ones need to be aware they could lose the property. The property can be seized if the accused fails to show up for court or flees the jurisdiction.

Bail By Algorithm

Many jurisdictions use a formula or algorithm to decide bail. California was the first state to approve this program. The program inputs date into the formula to decide if the accused gets out of jail. The data includes the defendant’s age, charges, criminal background and any history of failing to appear in court. Find more information by visiting a bonding company in your area.

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