Many individuals lead healthy lifestyles that include nutritious and low-fat diets and regular exercise routines. Even so, a lot of people struggle to lose those extra few pounds or fat pockets that keep them from enjoying thinner and more shapely bodies. Learn how custom body contouring can improve your shape by investigating the revolutionary methods of body contouring Naperville region plastic surgery experts can deliver. There is a popular and topnotch cosmetic center in the area that offers both nonsurgical and surgical body contouring services. Call today to make your consultation appointment to discover what body contouring methods are right for your body and lifestyle.

One fabulously effective, affordable and no-stress body contouring procedure is the FDA approved CoolSculpting treatment everyone is talking about. This procedure is non-invasive, requires absolutely no surgery and takes less than an hour per session. Using the marvels of cooling therapy, a comfortable and handheld cooling device is placed over the problem fatty area. The device specifically targets those troublesome fat cells delivering fast, effective and ultra-comfortable cooling to the site. Patients are free to go back to work or take up their usual routine immediately following a session. This has become a super popular professional method of body contouring Naperville residents can now take full advantage of.

Other body contouring procedures include liposuction. This is a surgical procedure that breaks up and sucks out unwanted pockets of stubborn fat cells from targeted areas. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure alone or in combination with more extensive body contouring surgeries like tummy-tucks and breast reductions. It is also used to decrease fat bulges on upper arms, backs, hips, upper thighs and other body regions. Learn more about the available body contouring Naperville situated Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery offers at

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