There has been a strong movement toward green building materials in recent years and it has led to an increased interest in fiber cement siding. The exterior finishing material has been used since the 1970s, but advanced technology now allows manufacturers to offer more products and style choices. With these benefits in mind, more are seeing a growing demand for fiber cement siding in Minneapolis. Homeowners love its durability, beauty, and versatility.

Siding Has a Long Lifespan

The renewed popularity of fiber cement siding in Minneapolis is partially due to its longevity. The siding is created using a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. That makes it sustainable and very durable. It stands up to harsh weather and years of wear. Insects cannot damage the siding. Its upfront cost is more than some other materials, but its long lifespan makes it more affordable overall.

Customers Are Offered a Range of Choices

Clients who want stylish siding often contact fiber cement siding contractors via sites like Builders’ websites include a “click here” option that makes scheduling estimates simply. Clients often request quotes for fiber cement because the materials it is made from giving it natural beauty. Manufacturers use technology to enhance siding and create an array of truly stunning options. One supplier offers 6 different textures and 22 colors. Customers may also choose from shingles, lap siding, shakes, and panels. Contractors can mix or match styles, colors, and installation options to create custom looks. Many homeowners add a fiber cement soffit and trim for a unique effect.

Fiber Cement Siding Can Emulate Wood

Homeowners who love the look of wood exteriors but don’t want the upkeep, often choose fiber cement siding. It is possible to find vinyl or aluminum siding in a woodgrain pattern, but these materials do not actually replicate the look of wood. Most either have the wrong texture or do not include realistic grains. Fiber cement siding has a wood feel, and it is possible to produce siding with grains that seem as if they formed in a forest over many years.

Many customers who want durable exterior home finishes that offer a variety of styles and colors opt for fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is naturally beautiful and available in styles that emulate real wood.

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