Criminal law in Glasgow differs from civil law inasmuch as criminal law concerns crimes against public authority; civil law on the other hand concerns itself with crimes that people commit against people but not necessarily against the public. Crimes such as murder, robbery, sexual assault, etc are considered criminal in nature. Although these are crimes that are committed against a given victim, these types of crimes run against the public good. In a way of contrast, if an individual enters into an agreement with another individual and then reneges, this would be a classic case of civil law being broken.

Substantive criminal law deals with the essential principles that the court uses in the application of its work, whereas procedural law refers to rules of practice and procedure that used in the prosecution of the crime. In the event the accused is found guilty in court of committing the crime he or she was accused of, procedural law may also apply to sentencing recommendations. In most criminal cases, the code demands that the accused can only be found guilty if the prosecutor can prove, beyond reasonable doubt that the individual accused did actually commit the crime.

Criminal law in Glasgow is usually seen under three codes; misdemeanours, felonies and treason. Treason is without a doubt the most serious of criminal offences because as well as violating public interest, treason also has a significant detrimental effect of national security. This is the reason why treason is normally punishable by death or life in prison without parole. The other codes, misdemeanours are relatively minor and felonies are serious and usually call for significant mandatory sentencing.

Every country has criminal laws that are designed to deter crime and the commission of criminal acts which are against the best interests of the country. When one studies the criminal code, this desire becomes obvious. As much as everyone would desire to see a society which is free from crime, this is a situation which is unlikely to ever happen. Criminal law in Glasgow deals with imprisoning the perpetrators of criminal acts, the management of criminals and the rehabilitation of those who committed a crime which warranted a severe penalty. It is important that the law in itself is a warning to people that their actions have serious consequences.

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