Your wedding is the biggest event you have likely ever planned. It has the potential to be the best and most beautiful day of your life, so of course you want everything to be perfect. You’ve shopped for dresses, taken photographs and thumbed through books of stationary and linens, but have you considered who will be marrying you and your spouse? Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect wedding officiant for your perfect day.

Start Close to Home

If you belong to a church or religious group, you may want to inquire about having a pastor or other church leader perform your ceremony. Some churches and locations only allow for their own staff to be used as officiants, so ask about this rule when planning a ceremony anywhere other than home!

Establish What You Want First

If you’re looking for something specific in regard to your wedding vows or the way your ceremony is conducted, be sure to communicate this properly during planning sessions with your officiant. Your provider will be happy to work with you, though some may only provide religious ceremony services while others may specialize in the secular. Ask your officiant what they offer, and compare it to your requests to find your perfect match.

Make Sure Communication is Open and Consistent

Nothing is worse than a miscommunication when planning a wedding. One small detail omitted or misunderstood could ruin your perfectly-planned ceremony. Don’t let this happen to you. Maintain communication with your officiant on all relevant details, and make sure you both know what is expected of you, as well. Give your provider all the information they need, and keep in touch before and during the big day. You’ll both be much happier with how things go!

Looking for a wedding officiant near Corpus Christi? Take advantage of local listings and the many officiant agencies offered in this popular tourist destination, and find exactly who you’re looking for. It’s your wedding – make sure every detail is exactly what you want!

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