Zinc nickel alloy plating is an excellent option for those situations where protection from corrosion is crucial. This includes automotive, construction, and agricultural equipment, as well as electrical transmission equipment. It is also a great choice for fasteners and bolts on bridges or other structures that are constantly exposed to the elements.

Automotive suppliers have been the biggest proponents when it comes to using zinc nickel coatings. This coating is often applied to the bottom of hoods, as well as structures in the engine compartment, as these areas often have problems with corrosion and abrasion. By plating with zinc nickel, those parts will last longer, which means fewer warranty claims for the company to worry about.

There are a few benefits of zinc nickel alloy plating that really stand out. The first is corrosion protection, which we mentioned above. In fact, this type of coating can be twice or three times as useful as choosing an only zinc coating. In addition, it’s much easier to place a thin layer onto the entire surface when using this particular alloy.

Another benefit you will find is increased resistance to wear. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the ultra-smooth finish has a decided hardness about it. It also eliminates many of the irregularities that may be found in other plating options. As far as hardness goes, this can again be two to three times what is offered by zinc alone.

The final major benefit of using this type of plating is that it gives exceptional protection against thermal stress. With automobile engines becoming smaller, but running at higher temperatures, this can cause thermal stress on the components in the engine compartment. However, zinc nickel alloy can reduce the problems that come from this stress.

Do keep in mind that zinc nickel is not the answer for every situation. If you are coating metal parts and components that do not see corrosion, wear, or thermal stress, you may be better off with a simpler and less expensive coating that will provide what you need. It may also not be the best option for items that are cheap to replace when you consider the cost of that versus plating.

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