Deciding you want a cabinet sign for your Arlington, Texas business is the first step toward getting the visibility and traffic your business needs and deserves. Once you know you want a cabinet sign for your business, however, the next step is to choose the face for that sign. As any cabinet sign manufacturers will tell you, you can get almost any type of face on a cabinet sign. Some of the most common and popular types of faces that businesses choose for their cabinet signs follow below.


Cabinet sign manufacturers in Arlington, TX, machine-manufacture FCO signs from metals like Dibond, aluminum, urethane foam and acrylic, these signs are not illuminated. They can be custom-painted, anodized, finished in brushed metal, carved in 3D or multi-layered.

Routed and Backed

Often made of aluminum, this type of sign is routed in order to cut out a logo, shape or lettering. It is then backed by a material like acrylic to make the voided area easier to see. Routed and backed signs are typically lit from the interior using LEDs to produce a crisp, bright glow.


An adhesive backing allows you to apply this vinyl film to any surface. You can get it in translucent and opaque vinyl along with certain finishes and colors.

Other possible cabinet sign faces include exposed neon, push thru and front or reverse channel letters. As for how to choose cabinet sign faces in Arlington TX in particular, it requires finding the right cabinet sign manufacturers in Arlington, TX, to help you, and that’s Legacy Signs of Texas.

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