When you are considering the different materials, that you could choose when you upgrade your countertops in your kitchen, you will also need to decide whether you are going to complete the installation yourself or ask professional experts to undertake the task. Cutting a wood-based countertop with a laminate finish may be within the skill levels of many DIY enthusiasts, but having the equipment and skills to cut granite countertops in Kent WA will be beyond the talents of most.

Can You Purchase Pre-Shaped Granite?

When you believe that you can measure perfectly for granite countertops in Kent WA and be exact to the smallest part of an inch, you might ask your favorite granite provider to expertly cut the countertop within their factory or warehouse space. The granite will be heavy to move around your kitchen and you will need help to complete the installation as you may need to remove the top several times before you are ready for the final fix.

Understanding About the Weight of Granite

Apart from granite being difficult to maneuver, your kitchen cabinets must be prepared so that they can carry the weight of your favorite choice of Granite countertops in Kent WA. Some expert installers will suggest that you should first add and install a three-quarter inch plywood base to the top of your cabinet. This is to support the full weight of the granite, which will arrive in one piece.

Should you complete the work yourself, you will apply a silicon sealer around the edge of the plywood, for the granite to sit on. To fill the seams around the countertop you will probably use a polyester-based resin, mixed with a color that is identical your final choice of granite. By adding a hardener to the resin, the product will be worked easily, with a putty knife.

To ensure the process is completed effectively, it will be worth paying a little extra and asking the experts from your granite store to make the final cut on-site and complete the installation. This will save you having to organize the rent of a high-quality saw, effective enough to be able to cut through granite.

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