Compared to dogs, cats often appear aloof and anti-social. The average cat spends a lot of its time alone. Cats are not packed animals and do not typically tag along behind their owners like a dog. Their independence is what makes them popular with many owners, but it should not be taken as a sign that they do not want companionship. Pet owners that spend a lot of time away from home should consider the socializing needs of their feline.

Signs of Loneliness

Cats do try to let their owners know when they have spent too many hours by themselves. A cat may “talk” loudly when their owners arrive home, or they may begin to over-groom as a stress reliever. Destructiveness, aggression or a failure to stay litter box trained may mean that Cat Daycare in Mt. Vernon could be beneficial.

Actions That Help

Time away at a Cat Daycare in Mt. Vernon gives the animal some stimulation. There is new scenery and smells to inspect and other cats and people for socializing. On the days when they remain at home try to leave a radio or TV playing quietly and provide safe toys for their amusement. Many cats will spend hours happily birdwatching from a sunny windowsill, so try to install feeders near windows.

Steps to Avoid

Adding a pet to the home for comfort is risky because their ability to get along with another animal is not guaranteed. If the addition is not able to bond with the lonely cat, it could leave the owner with two pets suffering from separation anxiety. A pet sitter may not be suitable either because many cats are intimidated by others entering their territory. Many cats only form a strong bond with one human and their independent nature often requires them to spend a lot of time observing someone before they build enough trust to enjoy their company.

Any cat that seems lonely or is left alone longer than what the owner thinks is appropriate should have the opportunity to try out daycare. The service is very enjoyable for many cats and helps them to thrive and be better companions when they have time with their owners. At the Business Name, daycare and boarding services help cats to have a little less alone time. Contact them to learn more about the facility.

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