Every Harley Davidson motorcycle has its own unique look and style. However, that look and style doesn’t mean you have to stick to the stock parts and components, particularly when it comes to choosing handlebars. In fact, if you don’t try some custom aftermarket types of designs, you are really just changing out one look from the manufacturer for another.

It is important to think about the look and feel of the particular Harley Davidson before you make a custom handlebar purchase. Some bikes look great with a wide number of styles including full ape hangers, while others, like the Road Glide, have a style need all of their own.

Bigger Bike Equals Thicker Bars

While anyone can customize their Road Glide to their own idea of what is right, Road Glide handlebars that are a bit thicker tend to balance better with the larger forks and the bigger front end on this touring bike.

Most riders prefer a one and half inch diameter in round or crushed tubing to create the look of the solid front end on this classic style of bike. The additional width is also important as the fairing on the big needs a bar that extends outwards to fit the bike.

Different Options

The crushed tubing touch adds a bit of an edge to the look of the Road Glide handlebars that gives it more of a rugged bike look; perhaps it is even a bit of a futuristic look with some styles. The style selected will definitely set these apart from stock Road Glide handlebars.

Baggers will always be a good option as well for the Road Glide style. Many of the top customer manufacturers make a meathook type of handle with an angular look, which matches the lines of the bike and adds that little extra touch of style.

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