One of the worst things that can happen in the middle of a very hot summer is a breakdown of the air conditioning system. When the temperatures outside are soaring to 100 F or higher and there’s no cool air blowing through, the inside of the house becomes a sauna. Life inside a house without a working air conditioner quickly becomes very uncomfortable, affecting everything from one’s ability to do anything inside down to a person’s ability to sleep.

Many of the problems with an AC system are traceable to one of several simple faults. Often, a malfunctioning thermostat either prevents the system from activating at all, or from properly running through its cycle. Another problem comes down to an electrical fault in the circuitry between thermostat and AC unit and/or the compressor. Then there’s the compressor to consider. The motor itself may have burned out or the coils are so caked with dirt that the heat exchange is interfered with.

Whatever the problem may be, a non-working air conditioning system makes the home an intolerable place under the summer heat. AC Repair in Derby KS provided by professional service technicians soon returns life to normal. Diagnosing the problem is the first step, of course. When the repair people arrive, they will start with an examination of the circuitry including the thermostat to eliminate the electrical system as the source of the fault, or to discover where in that circuitry the malfunction lies. Moving on from that point, the mechanical components are then tested and examined. Often, a quick function test is enough to determine the probable nature of the fault and gives the clue which segment of the system needs attention. Usually, a repair should take no more than two or three hours, and almost always is a same-day call. Afterward, the service technician will recommend setting a schedule of seasonal or semi-seasonal maintenance visits to ensure the continued proper functioning of the system. The other purpose is to be able to catch subsequent faults that may develop into a more serious problem, and thereby forestall the need for another major repair down the line.

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