NCOA Link Service is the National Change of Address database which is under the ownership and operation of the United States Postal Service(USPS.) About 160 million change-of-address records from the past 48 months are stored in the database. Utilizing this service is a smart option for a business looking to increase efficiency and improve the quality of the services they provide to their clients.

Why NCOA Link Service is Helpful

The database is such a beneficial service to companies, because it allows businesses to identify individuals, families, and businesses on their mailing lists who have made changes to their mailing addresses. This service can be carried out before the company’s mail is sent out, eliminating guesswork and the possibility of the mail being delivered to the wrong location or person. Companies have their mailing lists matched to the database on NCOALink, and depending on the situation, steps are taken to ensure the mail is not placed into the wrong hands.

Statuses of Address Changes in NCOALink

NCOALink will pinpoint any clients of the company who have a circumstance in which changes need to be made to the mailing procedure. For example, a client may have changed their address and completed a COA Form to notify the USPS. In this case, the company’s mail to the client will be mailed to the forwarding address provided by the client. In the situation that the client has moved but has not filled out the COA Form, the company’s mail to that client will not be forwarded. There is also the occasion that the client’s address does not match completely with the records in the NCOALink; in this case, the database sends the company a Return Code that explains why the company cannot retrieve an appropriate forwarding address for the client.

The Perks of NCOALink

When a company uses the NCOA Link Service, they save money on the mail process and eliminate unnecessary postage costs by identifying the clients with a valid USPS mailing address. Costs will be cut from the printing and postage of mail that may not even reach a client, due to a change of address. There is also the added comfort of clearing out your company mailing list of irrelevant mailing addresses and names. With those clients who no longer hold a valid address with the USPS, your business can then establish a better relationship with relevant clients to improve customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, the company may save up to a fifth of their mailing costs while increasing response rates from clients. The NCOALink can also provide postage discounts to your business.

A few simple clarifications in your company’s mailing settings can greatly reduce expenses while increasing effective output. The NOCA Link Service, provided by the USPS is a great service to take advantage of.

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