Search engine optimization, SEO, is an element of real estate that everyone working in the industry should get familiar with. People who want to buy a house or who want to sell their house or property will use the internet for help. They will use the internet to help them set up a price or budget, to help them find a realtor, to help them learn about a geographical area, to find out about financing, the list goes on…

Real estate SEO basics can help you, whether you want to list a property for sale, whether you want to find new properties to list, or whether you simply want to attract the attention of people interested in real estate in your geographical area.

Here are some basics to keep in mind for your website and / or your real estate marketing strategy:

Keyword Research Matters:

Understanding what sorts of search terms your target audience uses can help you develop a good SEO and content strategy. SEO keyword research tools can help you immensely. Keep in mind that how quickly you will be able to rank organically for search terms in your niche will depend on a number of factors including how well your competitors are doing with SEO.

Quality Over Quantity:

While SEO is vitally important, quality content does matter. Don’t look to simply keyword stuff your website to rank well for certain words and phrases. Quality content matters. Search engines such as Google no longer put much stock into thin content. They want to know you are providing quality content to the readers they send you. Optimize your real estate marketing strategy for quality first and make SEO secondary and the good rankings will typically follow.

Diversify Your Efforts:

Don’t rely on SEO alone. Your real estate marketing strategy can benefit from SEO but you want to work on other efforts, too, including online and offline marketing.

Optimize for Conversion:

Real estate SEO efforts could bring about great results. Continually look at metrics to determine where you can boost conversion rates. Web copy, online advertising, off page SEO, and other areas can all be continually tweaked to ensure that you maximize opportunities that are available to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Real Estate SEO Help:

Because there is a lot of free SEO information online, this doesn’t mean that you should go it alone. Getting professional help from a real estate SEO professional could help you gain a competitive advantage and could help you realize success much sooner than if you dabble with SEO on your own.

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