Many people see Denver as a relatively standard type of American city that has grown and developed over time. While this is true it is also important to realize that Denver, at least the central part of the city, has actually expanded and taken over other existing communities. This is the case with the Highlands neighborhood in Denver and accounts for its very unique atmosphere.

The Highlands neighborhood in Denver is located just to the northwest of the downtown city center and is only a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, since it has its own shopping, dining, cultural events and is really a self-contained community and many people take full advantage of the amenities and avoid the travel.

When you are visiting the Highlands neighborhood in Denver, especially if you are considering moving into this historical area of the city, there are at least three areas you really should visit.

The Lower Highlands

The Highlands neighborhood in Denver is home to the Lower Highlands, which is often simply called LoHi. This area is connected to the city though the Highland Bridge, which offers bike traffic and pedestrians easy access to both the downtown as well as LoHi. This area of the Highlands is known for a new art museum featuring contemporary styles as well as a beautiful 25 acre river front park that is used for family activities year round.

Tennyson Street

The Highlands neighborhood in Denver is also known for the Tennyson Street Cultural District that is a great place to go to see what is new in the art world. You will find galleries, unique boutiques, antique stores and live performance venues. Just outside of this area you will also find some beautiful older homes that have been perfectly maintained and upgraded with all the latest features.

Highlands Square

For a great place to live look no further than the Square in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver. This area has some of the best apartments and bungalow style homes mixed with condos and larger newer homes. It is also a great place to find international themed restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

There are so many things to see and do in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver. This is a popular neighborhood for single and families and one that is certainly going to continue to draw people because of its features, location and opportunities.

Let us help you discover the benefits of living in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver.

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