There are different ways to store your pet’s toys. From canvas bins to wicker baskets, you can maintain your home’s cleanliness and keep your pet’s toys organized and assembled in one box by implementing unique pet toy basket ideas.

Canvas Storage Bins

Canvas storage boxes can complement any decor and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Wine Racks

The humble wine rack can also serve as a terrific storage solution for the pet toy box. For a secure storage solution, select a cubby style with a sealed back.

Storage Ottoman or Footstool

Your living space is not only enhanced with a storage ottoman or footstool, but they also provide a great place to store your pet’s toys.


Wooden storage crates have a rustic appeal and can keep your home clutter-free. You’ll come across different sizes of nesting crates, in addition, some even come with cute signs attached so you know exactly what each one holds. You could use one for toys and the other for grooming products.

Shoe Cubbies

A shoe cubby is not only great for storing your footwear, but it can also serve as extra storage space. If you want to put a cubby in a particular room and have a lot of toys, you can purchase a range of sizes, but you’re likely to find that a 15-unit organizer will be sufficient for your pet.

Wicker Basket

A wicker basket is a classic that looks stunning wherever you put it, plus they are affordable, so they are always a great option as a pet toy box!

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