When someone has dementia, it’s sometimes a better option for them to be in an assisted living facility where they can get the proper care that they need. Here are a few things that you could expect from this type of care if you have a family member with this condition.

Daily Activities

While in assisted living for dementia patients, the staff will usually help with daily activities so that residents can remain as independent as possible. These include bathing, dressing, eating, and hobbies that the resident might enjoy.


A benefit of assisted living for dementia patients is that the workers typically help with meals. They can take the residents to the dining hall so that they can enjoy meals with the other people who are in the facility and feel as though they are eating at home. While in the dining hall, workers can help those who might need assistance with using utensils. Those who are unable to go to the dining hall can get assistance with meals as well as workers can feed residents and administer liquids through a feeding tube if one is required.


Residents in a facility with dementia will usually be supervised so that they don’t get out of the facility as this is for their safety. The doors will usually remain locked from the inside so that they can’t go outside unless there is someone with them. Many of the wheelchairs have safety devices on them as well to alert workers to any incidents that might occur.

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