For many couples, the early years after college and even into their early professional careers can be very financially challenging. Choosing to get married at this time can limit possible choices for wedding rings in Chicago, which may be something that the couple wants to look at again when times change.

A great many couple’s today will upgrade at least the bride’s engagement ring of the set of wedding rings, and many couples are also looking to upgrade the wedding band of both the husband and the wife. Determining when to do this is a personal decision, but there are some natural opportunities that work well for any couple.


It is very common to add a third band, an anniversary band, to the wife’s wedding rings at any anniversary after the wedding. Today, more and more couples are choosing to upgrade the rings for both the husband and the wife on this very special day.

This can be done as a couple’s gift to each other, or it can be done by either the husband or the wife. Since this is not the same situation as the original engagement and marriage, working with the spouse can be a great way to get the rings you have both always wanted.

Renewal of Vows

Renewing of vows is a wonderful way to show your ongoing love. This re-affirmation of the relationship is a great time to present each other with wedding rings that are new, upgraded, or in a style that is more in keeping with your current preferences and tastes.

For example, you may have originally selected simple gold, white gold or platinum bands, but now you both want to add a bit more dazzle and style. Choosing bands with diamonds or gemstones that coordinate and match is a great way to show the world the love you both feel for each other.

As a Surprise

For husbands, giving a wife an upgraded version of the current wedding rings is a perfect way just to tell her how much you love her. This can include a style you know she admires, or perhaps a more elaborate and elegant looking wedding ring to wear for special occasions.

The most important factor to keep in mind is upgrading your wedding rings in Chicago provides the opportunity to choose the set you wish you could have all those years ago. It is a perfect option for special dates, but it is also a great gift at any time of the year.

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