Once you have decided that it is in your best interest to file for bankruptcy, your next step is to confirm your decision and seek the assistance of an attorney from an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Tampa that specializes in Chapter 7 or 13. You shouldn’t represent yourself, so hiring a bankruptcy attorney to look out for you when filing for bankruptcy is key to getting your best foot forward for a fresh start.

When you meet with an attorney, it’s important to ask a lot of questions. You need to know how much you’ll be charged and whether or not a payment arrangement is an option.

Other questions you might consider when vetting bankruptcy law firms in Tampa include finding out who performs the bulk of the work. Will a bankruptcy lawyer be handling your case or will it be turned over to a paralegal?

Also ask what kinds of cases the bankruptcy law firm has worked on in the past and if they have done many that are similar to your specific situation. Additional questions include:

  • How long has their practice been pursuing bankruptcy cases?
  • What is their history in court?
  • What kinds of results do they have?

The need for total transparency when talking to your bankruptcy attorney is critical. You need to be open and honest, even if the topic of discussion is uncomfortable. None of the bankruptcy law firms will be able to help you to their fullest potential if you withhold information or are not totally honest with them.

Once you find an establishment in the Tampa area that suits you, let your bankruptcy lawyer take over the heavy work, and make yourself as available as you possibly can to them.

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