A Divorce Attorney in Denver gives you adequate support throughout the difficult transition from marriage to divorce. Your attorney acts as an advocate for your rights within divorce proceedings and provides you with information related to the type of divorce case you are filing.

Prenuptial Agreements

It’s common to use mediation in divorce proceedings where a prenuptial agreements exist. During the mediation process, your attorney has the opportunity to review the agreement to determine its validity and relevance to your case.

In most circumstances, this agreement establishes the division of the marital estate between you and your spouse. It also outlines what could happen if the agreement is violated. In order to be enforced, your agreement must adhere to the laws in your state and everyone who is a party to the agreement must be in good standing.


Mediation is a hearing in which you, and your spouse along with your respective attorneys meet to discuss the terms of your divorce. Mediation sessions can take just a few hours or might last several days or weeks. The process of resolving a divorce through mediation is usually much shorter than litigated divorce.

In mediation, both spouses must reach an agreement in regard to all terms of the divorce. Failure to come into an agreement will require you to go to trial. Visit website at https://www.blochchapleau.com/


Your Divorce Lawyer is an advocate for you and your children in divorce proceedings. He or she will review documents that relate to your marriage, such as a prenuptial agreement ultimately affects your divorce. If mediation is necessary for you to come into an agreement with your spouse, your attorney will advise you throughout the process.

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